Access Control for Residential Neighborhoods

Hey I am here to talk about access control.  I am sure you have seen this little device before that say HID on it, or you’ve used a biometric or a key fob. Let me talk about it to you specifically about the gates.

So what is what is the benefit of Access Control to you?

Well it gives you a timestamp of when an individual shows up at the gate and in a format that you can pull reports when needed later down the road. Now you’ll say the key does or the pen pad does that right now, but the difference is the ability to control access.

For example, if a vendor for example a plumber or an electrician, services whatever the community needs, those vendors are coming into the community on a regular basis, however you don’t want the plumber coming in at 2 AM in the morning; he really has no business there unless it’s an emergency. Even then the homeowners are there and they can call the owner to open the gate for him. Studies have shown these codes or these type communities, the robberies that occur from vendors, have been given access to their friends or they themselves coming back at night because they know the house is not occupied.

What if you had a great system that knew if an electrical contractor at 7 PM tried to swipe the card and enter the community?  The systems says nope you can’t enter but while it did that it also took a photograph of the vendor and indexed it via an email and send it off to someone who reviews this so in the event there is a theft, a robbery, or something else goes wrong in the community and you want to know who came in the community or who was trying to get into the community.  you now have a log with a photo that matches on a camera system now normally people are going to sell you a camera system and access control system were just selling you a solution We will figure out for gated communities this unique solution both combine and both the video and the access control technology into something usable for you it’s simple and you get the benefits of it

Now if you have a high-rise building in one of those communities where you have multiple stories and it has a nice centralized lobby it has some of the same challenges as your gated community. When I come up to the door I can dial your number and you can buzz me and or I can swipe my card so I can get in the door. Again the cleaners or the package delivery person,  typically doesn’t come in at 2 AM in the morning. Access control will decline access at that time you take a the camera security will take a picture in the event something goes wrong and you can look back and see what occurred.  That’s the basic benefits of access control to community just give us a call 407-901-3192 extension 104 or visit or website and send us an email to if you have any questions.