Mission Critical Situations For Wireless Networks

play Wireless Networks For People Movers  (AKA Mission Critical)Let’s talk about the gondola that connects you at a snow resort, or across a gorge. People want an experience today. When my kids jump in a gondola, and they go over a gorge. They look over and they’re like, “Oh, cool. Thanks dad. How long does […]

Who Is Managing Your Surveillance System Updates?

​ I’m sure everyone of you guys have a smart phone, a laptop, and at some point you get a little thing telling you you got an update. Right? We all know about these updates and if you don’t do it, your device doesn’t work. When I go to these places and they have surveillance […]

Redd Ash Is Featured In Campus Saftey

Working with school systems to help them ensure safety and accuracy is one of our focuses .  Here is a great example of how we were able to tailor a solution specific to the Hardee county school system. You can read the full article on page 32/33 in this issue of Campus Safety.  We have […]

Condominium Security Solutions

Are you tired of rekeying your property? Do you know who is on your property at all times? Can you PREVENT vandalism at your pool with your current security system? Does your system pay for itself? Redd Ash tailor fits a unique design for your property, using 2020 technologies, that is as affordable as the […]

Access Control for Residential Neighborhoods

Hey i am here to talk about access control.  I am sure you have seen this little device before that say HID on it, or you’ve used a biometric or a key fob. Let me talk about it to you specifically about the gates, So what is what is the benefit of Access Control to […]