Gary Tryon

Gary Tryon serves as Redd Ash Technologies Co. Vice President of Sales and Business Development. He brings extensive global security industry knowledge from hands on implementation of Security Projects since 1981 both as an integrator and manufacturer, with expert business development, product development, management, technical and emerging technology sales experiences. 

Tryon has vast hands on experience with security program development and strategic planning responding to, preparing and implementation of proven security designs. His specific experience in global markets with US and International projects include Military, DoD, Government, Border, Aviation, Transportation, Sea Ports, Rail, Intermodals, Critical Infrastructure, Commercial, City, US Marshals Service, Federal Courts, Education, Olympic, Super Bowl, Vatican and Theme Park work protecting critical assets in high profile sites. All of which have garnered him a proven record as a global subject matter expert and valuable resource. 

Tryon has the competence to provide clear direction implementing Security Projects through innovative thinking, product knowledge, vulnerability assessment, experience and a keen ability to identify and assess a customer’s security needs. He understands that security requirements differ around the world and ensures those differences are taken into account for strategic planning and initiatives for the successful integration of sophisticated end to end Security Systems that address and mitigate real-world security challenges and deliver world renowned security protection. All this combined with his business and technical skills are invaluable resources.

Tryon has shared his wealth of knowledge and experience through published thought leadership papers focused on effective operational deployment of security systems at airports, military bases, checkpoints, distribution, court houses, customs and border crossings, prisons and general threats within transportation, judicial, critical infrastructure and border security. His specific experience and involvement extends across US and International organizations like Homeland Security, Federal Government Agencies, FLETC, OLETC, The Department of Justice, The National Emergency Response and Rescue, Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Aviation and Transportation Security Act (ATSA), FAA, DOT’s, UK border agency, the UK Home Office, the EU Aviation Whole Body Imaging Committee and The Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA). 

Tryon has been a member of the prestigious Round Table Group, the think tank of academic experts which represents some of the world’s finest scholars, teachers, and speakers, a member of ASIS, a preeminent organization for security professionals, served on NICET’s, the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies, committees on Certified Video Security System Designers and System Technicians. He has achieved NICET’s Level 2 as a Video Security System Designer and Level 4 as a Video Security System Technician. Nominated by AESRM, Alliance for Enterprise Security Risk Management, for the first annual Excellence in Security Convergence Award. Presented at Millimeter Wave Sensor Solutions for Government Security Applications Law Enforcement, Homeland Defense, Airport and Transportation Security, Border Monitoring and Perimeter Detection. He has applied for and achieved Homeland Security Safety Act Certification on products.

Tryon brings a proven track record in building sales teams, creating market leadership positions and building the partner channel with top performing sales revenues. He is accomplished in business development sales with domestic and international experience. A results driven leader that employs superior product knowledge with notable achievements in technology launches, creating market positions, establishing flagship customers, channel partners and sales with the ability to understand customer requirements, reducing sales cycles and motivating educated clients to take action. Tryon has a wealth of knowledge in the aviation and transportation market sectors and has been involved in hundreds of global airport, rail and transport installations. He and his teams have been credited with developing top sales revenue producing territories.

“I believe that true salesmanship is finding the win-win in business conducted at the highest level of ethical standards, promoting teamwork, customer service and building long-term relationships is a daily goal…  By doing what’s right, not what’s easy”

– Gary Tryon