Industrial IT

Network Engineering & Infrastucture Design

Simply stated, Redd Ash engineers build robust network “highways” for todays high performance Internet of things (IOT)

We Desgin A Complete End to End Solution

If the cameras, servers, access control panels, intercoms and other network devices were cars, the highway is the network infrastructure.  As with city traffic, driving the most advance vehicle does not ensure that you will arrive to your destination on time or without accidents.

 Redd Ash Technologies (RA) builds robust local area networks (LAN), and/or wireless mesh networks (WMN).  Its network engineering track record truly sets RA apart from competitors. 

RA has forged longstanding partnerships with the world’s leading network equipment manufacturers. Over the years Redd Ash engineers have tested, configured and commissioned thousands for network switches and routers gathering critical data allowing its design team to optomize hardware for a complete end-to-end solution.

Structured cabling is another critical component of your network infrastructure. Consider these complex options: twisted pare copper versus fiber optic, multimode fiber versus singlemode fiber, shielded copper cable versus unshielded, Cat6 versus Cat6A and on, and on the choices abound.  An incorrect selection of one of these features can lead to data latency issues resulting in unreliable network device connections.


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