Industrial IP Security

Redd Ash Technologies is an IT (information technology) company that specializes in Industrial IP Security (Internet protocol) Security. As security directors
scramble to incorporate the latest advances in information technology, Redd Ash is positioned with over a decade of extensive experience in the delivery of engineered design, systems integration, network IP solutions and services.

Engineered Design Consultation

Each city infrastructure, theme park, manufacturing plant, business enterprise or school campus, is unique with distinct, critical, security challenges. Unlike
the “one size fits all” approach, Redd Ash conducts careful site studies and produces custom engineered designs to reduce expensive mistakes.

System Programing, Test & Commissioning

The company provides on-site consultation during the installation period, configures servers & client machines, programs IP devices, conducts a
manufacturer’s satisfactory acceptance test and hands the system over to the end user with detailed instructions and training.

Systems Integration

Redd Ash serves as a critical bridge from analog to IP systems, provides certified network engineering for the integration of security cameras, access
control and many other anti-intrusion devices. Further, Redd Ash designs integrated security solutions for real time detection, prevention and movement of data, voice and video images via wireless/mobile networks or structured cabling, for rapid emergency dispatch.

Remote First Aid

The return on investment in video surveillance, access control, industrial automation alerts, emergency IP phones systems is achieved when all devices
and servers are online and fully functional. At Its technical center, Redd Ash provides real time monitoring of all IP system devices as well as remote technical support.