Mission Critical Situations For Wireless Networks

Wireless Networks For People Movers  (AKA Mission Critical)

Let’s talk about the gondola that connects you at a snow resort, or across a gorge. People want an experience today. When my kids jump in a gondola, and they go over a gorge. They look over and they’re like, “Oh, cool. Thanks dad. How long does it take to get to the other end?” Now, think about it now when you jumped on the gondola, depending on where you were by GPS, you could hear audio, and video pop up on flat screens inside the gondola having a truly interactive experience as it moves across maybe a half mile of cable in the air.

‚ÄčInnovative Wireless Technologies 

This type of mobility network requires fast moving wireless communication from the gondola because of it’s position back to the head end. Well, this type of wireless technology didn’t exist before. Today we provide a solution. When you start moving vehicles across from side to side, and you want a rich and interactive experience, we are able now to create that unique guest experience. Call us today if you want to talk about using mission critical, or other fast moving wireless networks in the entertainment industry.