Rommel Roberts

Rommel Roberts is the Co-Founder and serves as the CEO & CTO of Redd Ash.

Some of his other roles include:
USF Cybersecurity Committee
Lake Tech – Enterprise Advisory Committee

When he isn’t working he has a love for endurance cycling, exotic food and cars 

Rommel has extensive experience in deploying hundreds of enterprise wireless mesh and surveillance projects throughout the United States.  In 2008, he was brought in to assist in the completion of a City Wide wireless mesh solution in one of the country’s largest metropolitan areas. This platform provided a network backbone to support hundreds of emergency communication equipment as well as the downtown surveillance solution consisting of more than 150 cameras. 

Relevant experience and successful deployments include Redd Ash Technologies collaboration with BearCom Wireless Worldwide, Florida Port Authorities, United States Homeland Security and Siemens Industrial.  Rommel has also designed a wireless mesh system for security surveillance and emergency communication for Port Manatee, located on the west coast of Florida.  In June 2018, Rommel led a deployment team for fluid Mesh Wireless solution for the Jacksonville Beach Police Department, covering over 5 miles of beach area while creating a robust backhaul to support their surveillance, mass notification systems and a secure data path for their energy monitoring systems. 

In the last 3 years, Rommel and his team have been responsible for the successful deployment of the world’s first Fluid Mesh Mobility platform currently installed in a theme park environment supporting autonomous vehicle communication. The Redd Ash team was required to provide a working solution within one week of the attraction opening and delivered the solution onsite prior to the deadline allowing the attraction to soft open within 24 hours of deployment.