Who Is Managing Your Surveillance System Updates?

​I’m sure everyone of you guys have a smart phone, a laptop, and at some point you get a little thing telling you you got an update. Right? We all know about these updates and if you don’t do it, your device doesn’t work. When I go to these places and they have surveillance solutions, a lot of times people would say, “It didn’t work when I needed it to work.” Well, those devices require the same updates just like your phone and your computer. Who’s doing yours and how often are you doing it? Your phone probably reminds you once a month.Surveillance system may have two to three times a year that these updates need to be performed so that when you need the system, it’s actually working for you. There’s a touch on that system. If you’ve got no one doing that, that’s something that we can do for you at Redd Ash Technologies. Email us, sales@ reddsashteam.com. Redd is spelled with two d’s and our phone number is 407-901-3192.

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