IP Video:

If there is one thing that is true about today’s technology, is it will be obsolete tomorrow. What is the impact of an outdated video surveillance system?  Redd Ash’s unique approach is its choice of today’s cutting-edge technology that will be future-proofed for tomorrow’s surveillance requirements.

Electronic Access Control:

Unlawful entry, theft, control of employee access to a facility are among the most expensive issues facing businesses today.  At Redd Ash Technologies (RA) we consider electronic access control the next critical layer of security after video surveillance.  To this end we specialize in the integration of access control and intelligent video surveillance.

Network Infrastructure Design:

Redd Ash is one of very few technology companies that specializes in the integration of IP based  products.  Building powerful local area networks (LAN), wide area networks or wireless mesh networks is our greatest strength because the security technology products you buy are only as good as the design & configuration of the network infrastructure.

Remote First Aid:

The return on your investment in a video surveillance system is achieved when all cameras and servers are on-line and fully functional.  In fact, statistically most video evidence is lost because an off-line camera was not detected until after the incident occurred.   From our technical center, Redd Ash’s support specialists will receive electronic notification of the server’s offline status; condition of hard drive; VMS recording status; server’s temperature; camera’s offline status and CPU load status. Remote support services include: software updates; equipment troubleshoot; camera configuration/ adjustments (frame rates, sensitivity, and analytics) and network up keep.