Electronic Access Control

Unlawful entry, theft and control of employee access to a facility are among the most expensive issues facing businesses today.  At Redd Ash Technologies we consider electronic access control the next critical layer of security after video surveillance.  To this end, we specialize in the integration of access control and intelligent video surveillance. 

Scenario One: A restaurant’s employee props a back door open with the hope of returning after hours to steal food (a restaurant’s most expensive asset). The access control’s door position switch is triggered, logs the incident along with video footage of the employee in action. Thousands of dollars saved along with the rapid removal of a problem employee.  Furthermore, a facial recognition database will alert managers when these individuals return to the facility. 

Scenario Two: The manager of a chemical manufacturing facility wants to ensure unfettered access to employees, registered and tracked access of all delivery trucks and vehicles and immediate restricted access of severed employees and/or suspicious persons.

  1. Employees granted access with state-of-the-art proximity devices and secondary facial recognition credentials.
  2. Electronic secured gate controlled by a security guard after driver identity and delivery request is verified.
  3. Proximity cards of severed employees are instantly and electronically disconnected from the access control system prior to final human resources meeting with the employee.   
  4. Facial recognition used to identify past severed employees and/or persons on FBI watch list 

Redd Ash engineers solve these issues with a unique approach. A facility operations study is completed, followed by an access control design/build specific to your facility and its distinctive challenges.  Further, our solutions provides a complete facility lock-down for critical emergency situations.